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Square Meal Feeds

Square Meal - Hay Biscuits

Hay Biscuit is a non-GMO product made from an alfalfa/grass mix, but with no vitamin/mineral supplement. It is an ideal forage source for any plant-eating animal including sheep, goats, calves, and others. Like our other products, they are in biscuit form to ensure leaves and stems cannot be separated, but are shorter and softer than traditional alfalfa cubes.
Protein: 12% minimum
Fat: 1% minimum
Fiber: 45% maximum
Available in 40lb bags

Square Meal Feeds - Senior Supper

For horses 15 years of age and older. This product is easier for the aging horse to eat. The horse has teeth that continue erupting until approximately age 30. Because some horses outlive their tooth structure, Square Meal Mature can be an important part of assuring an adequate diet for mature animals.
Protein: 14% minimum
Fat: 2% minimum
Fiber: 30% maximum

Available in 40lb bags