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Our Suet products use quality ingredients that provide ultimate nutrition for birds and fantastic backyard bird watching.
Suet, made from high quality beef fat, is a fantastic bird feed because it is a highly concentrated energy source.  Many insect eating and tree clinging birds, along with many other birds (specifically while nesting), appreciate and benefit from the tasty, protein filled feed.

Suet Plus

Suet Plus

Suet Plus are individual cakes that come in easy-open, environmentally friendly packaging.  The candy-bar style wrapper makes handling easier and less messy.
•    Wild Bird Blend
•    Peanut Blend
•    Nuts and Berry Blend
•    Sunflower Blend
•    Cherry Crunch
•    Apple Snack
•    Zesty Orange
•    Blueberry Twist
•    Woodpecker Blend
•    Hot Pepper Blend
•    Mealworm and Nuts
Premium Suet Cakes

Premium Suet Cakes

Premium Suet Cakes are made with the same high quality ingredients as other Suet products, but they come in these more specialized bird flavors. 
•    High Energy
•    Peanut Blend
•    Berry Blend
•    Sunflower Blend
•    Pecan Blend
•    Calcium Blend
•    Tropical Blend
•    High Protein Blend
•    Pure Suet
Suet Plugs

Suet Balls & Suet Plugs

Suet Balls and Suet Plugs are designed to fit different style feeders.  Feeders tend to be more versatile and decorative. 
Suet Plugs (4 -packs)
•    Peanut Blend
•    Sunflower Blend
•    Hot Pepper Blend

Suet Balls (5-packs)
•    Fruit & Nut
•    Peanut Butter
•    Hot Pepper and Nut
Suet Variety Packs

Variety Packs

Here is an excellent opportunity to offer you neighborhood birds a bit of variety.

•    Suet Plus- Variety 6-pack
•    Suet Plus- Variety 5-pack with feeder
•    Suet Plus- Woodpecker 3-pack
•    Premium Suet Cakes- Variety 6-pack
•    Premium Suet Cakes- Variety 5-pack with feeder
•    Suet Plug Variety 5-pack