ADM - HEALTHY GLO Nuggets - 40 lbs.

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Stabilized rice bran (20% oil) was the pioneer of high-quality fat supplements for horses in the early 1990s. ADM Alliance Nutrition was the first to introduce it into the horse feed market. The production of this stabilized rice bran is possible due to the development of an extrusion-stabilization process that enables vitamins and antioxidants to be maintained along with the high-quality rice oil. Stabilized rice bran is the best concentrated source of high-quality fat for horses. It is commonly referred to as an equine "health" food due to its unique properties and abundant antioxidants. The use of highly digestible stabilized rice bran in equine rations enables horses to be fed more energy without the complications typically associated with traditional 
  • 13% protein, 20% fat and no more than 8% crude fiber
  • 0.5-2 lb daily feeding rate
  • Extruded pellet; 40-lb bag
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Brand ADM
Size 40 lbs.
Protein Percent 13% minimum
Fat Percent 20% minimum
Fiber Percent 8% maximum
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