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Chicory Seed produces is a grazing forage crop that is suitable for all types of livestock, horses and wildlife. It is an ideal option of providing high quality forage during the summer when cool season pasture production cannot provide the quality or quantity to maintain high levels of animal performance and gain. Chicory is ideally managed in a mix with clovers as the legumes fix nitrogen, add to the nutritive value, and provide ground cover during the winter when the chicory is dormant. Clovers are often a better companion species than grasses as they have a similar growth habit and grazing management requirements to chicory. Grows best when mixed with other crops

  • Yields from early spring through late fall
  • Perennial Herb for well drained sites with 3-5 year life
  • Reliable summer forage for dry conditions
  • Used for sheep, horses, cattle, and deer
  • Turkeys and Quail also are known to feed on Chicory
  • Perennial Crop
  • Withstand Drought
  • Tolerates Acidic Soil
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Brand N/A
Size By The Pound
Coverage N/A
Application Rate (Newly Seeded Lawns) 4-5 lbs. per acre
Application Rate (Established Turf) 2 lbs. per acre
Application Rate (Overseeding) N/A
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